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Choosing your Travel Companion

Choosing your Travel Companion

Travelling alone can be great fun. But for the single person there are times when you’d rather have someone along with you. In addition to the companionship, it is often more expensive to travel on your own and sharing expenses can reduce the cost of your trip....

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Where to Stay: Hatters, Liverpool

I’ve always been fond of Liverpool. There’s so much going on there and these days, it’s a popular tourist destination. This is an excellent thing because in days gone by, visitors from other parts of the world tended to visit only London. They missed...

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Can You Afford To Travel?

Travel is good for you. It’s not just a case of recharging your batteries, it has been shown in many studies that travel is good for your health and well being. But it can be so expensive. It needn’t be. Check out the budget travel tips below. HOW TO SAVE...

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Where to Stay: Sir Toby’s, Prague

Set in a convenient area of Prague , Sir Toby’s offers you budget accommodation in style. More and more travellers are finding that today’s hostels offer better value and more unusual venues than were previously available. And the days of sleeping in...

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The Gastrobus

Travel down a narrow lane from the village of Bantham in South Devon and you’ll find yourself at Bantham Beach – popular with surfers and families. This secluded beach is the home of the Gastrobus – and the food, music and events it offers. The...

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Budapest: Shoes on the Danube Bank

Visit the banks of the Danube in Budapest and you might wonder why on earth there appears to be an untidy collection of old shoes just sitting there. But these are an art installation created as a memorial to people who were murdered in the Second World War. These...

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What is Champing?

You’ve heard of glamping, but what about champing? Well, before we get into the whys and wherefore, let me ask you a question.  Wouldn’t you like to stay in an historic, beautiful and tranquil building in the south of England? Your own private (large)...

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