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So, You Don’t Speak the Language?

So, You Don’t Speak the Language?

Many years ago, most people would take their vacation in their home country. Often the reason for this was that international travel incited the dreaded fear of ‘the language’. Today though, travellers are far more adventurous and positively revel in going...

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The Cafe in the Crypt: London

So, there you are exploring London and it’s time for lunch. (Or breakfast or dinner or a light snack). Of course, there are so many places you can go. But how about something a little different this time? Enjoy coffee in a crypt! In Central London, you’ll...

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Family Planning: For Your Vacation

Travel experts are reporting that a current trend is for families to plan their trips well in advance – sometimes even years. For couples with children, this makes a lot of sense. I don’t know about you but the first time I went abroad with my parents, I...

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See Mae West’s 1931 Housecar

For the very few readers who don’t know, Mae West was a raunchy actress, writer and comedian who was born in Brooklyn in 1893. To try to explain a little about her, the first play she wrote and acted in  – in 1926 – was entitled Sex. She continued to...

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Why to Visit Fort Lauderdale in the Summer

Many years ago, Fort Lauderdale had two distinct seasons – the tourist season and off-season. Luckily this is no longer the case. Of course, it’s true that more people flock to South Florida during the winter months as they are escaping from the harsh...

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Gaudi’s Casa Vicens: Barcelona

In the spring of 2017, it was announced that Antoni Gaudi’s Casa Vicens in Barcelona would be opened to the public as a museum later in the year. What wonderful news for those of us who have drooled over his other buildings in this fabulous city. We’ve...

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