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Divided by a Common Language: The Humble Potato

Divided by a Common Language: The Humble Potato

A great example of the United States and Great Britain being ‘two countries divided by a common language’ is to be found when dining. That is the humble potato. Sure, in the UK and in the USA a potato is a potato (and no, the English do not pronounce it...

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Guatapé, Colombia

No-one today really seems to know why the buildings of Guatape are painted in such wonderful colours. Or why they tend to feature brightly coloured murals at the bottom couple of feet of the walls. However, the result is spectacular. The lower level murals, which...

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AIR Studios, Montserrat

It was a matter that was debated at the time, but in recent years it’s pretty well known that the musical phenomenon that was The Beatles would not have had the quality of music that was created without the person who was referred to as ‘the Fifth...

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Sleeping at the Airport. Yes or No?

So, what are we supposed to do when we have a few hours between connecting flights? You know the sort of thing I mean – when the time isn’t long enough to justify the expense of a hotel room but it’s simply too long to sit around drinking expensive...

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Shingo, Japan: The Grave of Jesus Christ

My mum sent me to Sunday school when I was very small. You might have had a similar experience. And although I can’t claim that my education in religious matters was very thorough, I am pretty sure that I was never told that Jesus Christ wasn’t really...

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251 Menlove Avenue, Liverpool

Back in those days, no-one ever thought that this ordinary suburban semi-detached house on the outskirts of Liverpool would one day become a museum. Some would even call it a shrine. One of the strangest musical phenomena in living memory was that of The Beatles, a...

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