Abandoned anythings are spooky. Abandoned places that were once the scenes of fun and frolics are somehow even spookier. I’m thinking here about derelict funfairs or holiday camps. I get a bit weird and tend to imagine the ghostly sounds of laughing children. But spookiest of all to me are abandoned racing circuits.

And the Reims-Gueux motor racing circuit is one of those see-it-before-it’s-gone destinations.

It’s hard to say exactly which era would be perfectly described as the halcyon days of motorsport.

If I had to give a quick answer, I think I’d say between the two world wars but every era had its own glamour. But the attraction to racing from the early days, for me anyway, is the dedication, the perseverance, the sights, the sounds and also, sadly, the danger.

One of the spookiest is accessible to all as the current road passes right by the derelict pits, the grandstands and assorted race circuit buildings. Watch just a minute of the 1948 French Grand Prix taking place there in the video below.

On the map below, drag the peg man into the Reims-Gueux Circtit pin for a full 360 degree look around.

Reims-Gueux Circuit

51390 Gueux,

How to find Reims-Gueux

As you can see from the map below, to get to the abandoned circuit, you’ll only;y need to travel for just over an hour from Paris. The circuit is on the Route Touristique de Champagne. Read more here.





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