If you were to create your dream island, what would it be like? Mine would be exactly like Fernando de Noronha. Tropical weather, stunning views and, as you can see in the photograph above, the deepest blue and sparkling ocean. There are swaying palm trees, lovely beaches and you can snorkel with the marine life or lie on the beach watching the sea turtles, dolphins and whales as they go by.

It’s only a small island,  there are under 3,000 residents, and although tourism is important to the area, the number of tourists visiting is restricted in order to maintain the integrity of the flora, fauna and beautiful landscape. UNESCO designed the area as a World Heritage site because of the importance of its environment.

You’ll be able to rent any equipment you need for snorkelling or diving – rent a kayak or take a boat tour. The island also offers fabulous walking trails.

Yet the island also offers a good number of local restaurants, shops and hotels – so don’t worry, it’s a civilised island with modern amenities despite its history and its remote location.


Where Is Fernando de Noronha Island?

Fernando de Noronha

Fernando de Noronha,
State of Pernambuco,




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