For people of my generation anyway, if we were asked the question ‘what subject did you really dislike at school’ then many of us would have the same answer. Mathematics!

I don’t really know why that is but I have an idea. Could it be that it was taught to us in a very boring way? We had to learn stuff so that we could parrot it back – times tables come immediately to mind (and I still have a hard time with 7 x 6). Sines, cosines, logarithms – snore.

Sure, my generation, and those before, can be pretty brilliant when it comes to agile mental arithmetic and can probably convert kilos into pounds in a flash, plus kilometres into miles (and there are many kids today who don’t even know that there are such things).

Sales tax at 7.5%? No problem. How many inches in 5’3″? Easy. But maths as a subject? BORING.

You see, it was ‘learn this’.  No one ever told us why. Or how anything worked the way it did. It’s only later in life – after those dreaded schooldays – that we discovered that in fact, it’s not a boring subject at all – that we see it in action every day – that we use it several times a day.

Yet today’s kids are so lucky. Today they can visit an entire museum that’s dedicated to the fascinating subject of mathematics.



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