Paris is a beautiful city. Few people would argue with me there. But what exactly is the deal with reproducing wonderful places?

Tianducheng is a suburb of Hangzhou in China and Paris has been reproduced – not very well – in a development that was built in 2007. And it’s complete with a replica Eiffel Tower. Bizarrely.

Many other features of Paris have also been copied – even down to the streetlamp design.

The area was built to accommodate approximately 10,000 residents but according to Wikipedia, only around 2,000 people inhabit the suburb, the majority of those being workers who are constructing a nearby French-themed amusement park. Goodness.

To me, it’s a little like a strange, one-dimensional film set.

Worth seeing? I think so if only for the novelty value and unusual experience. FIND OUT MORE HERE.

My own feeling is that China has an amazing culture. It’s an astonishing place with so much to offer to the traveller. From architecture to cuisine, it has its own atmosphere and strong personality and character. It doesn’t need to steal a thing.

Where is Tianducheng?


Hangzhou Shi,
Yuhang Qu,
Tianxiang W Rd,




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