I’ve always been fond of Liverpool. There’s so much going on there and these days, it’s a popular tourist destination. This is an excellent thing because in days gone by, visitors from other parts of the world tended to visit only London. They missed such a lot!

Oh, and don’t forget the whole Beatles thing. Find out about the Beatles tour here.

I’m very keen on staying in hostels to help with the budget and Hatters in Liverpool is a great example. And don’t worry if your backpacking days are over – hostels are not just for the young. Neither do they offer only shared dormitory rooms – see the photographs below for an example of a room that’s just right for a couple.

Hatters is in a great location and it’s easy to get around to the most important sights, museums and tours. The map below will give you some idea. Note too that if you don’t have the luxury of travelling by car, Hatters is very close to the railway station.

There are other advantages too – my favourites being free wifi and a buffet breakfast that’s included in the price. When budget is an issue, it’s always a good idea to stay somewhere with a free breakfast. And the communal kitchen is open 24 hours a day – and there’s a supermarket nearby – so you can make your own meals whenever you want to.

Unlike hostels in days gone by, there’s no curfew and the reception is also available 24 hours a day. Reviews speak very highly of the friendly and very helpful staff. The hostel loves to host various social events too so this is an excellent place for the solo traveller to stay as it’s a great way to make new friends.


Hatters Hostel

Hatters Hostel

Hatters also has hostels in Manchester and Birmingham.

Hatters Manchester

Hatters Hostel Ltd,
50 Newton St,
Manchester M1 2EA, UK

Hatters, Manchester

15 Hilton St,
Manchester M1 1JJ, UK

Hatters, Birmingham

92-95 Livery St,
Birmingham B3 1RJ, UK




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