I never knew that there was such a thing but the Airpod website says that the company is at the helm of the travel and ‘napping industry’. Sleeping pods aren’t new, of course, which are what the company provide but nevertheless I’m surprised that a napping industry exists.

I feel that Airpods are intended for more than just napping as they seem to be ideal for a longer stay. And this is why airports are planning to provide them for the use of travellers who are waiting for connecting flights.  Often these layover time periods are too short to warrant a hotel booking but too long to be comfortably be spent in the airport.

It’s currently (early summer 2018) rumoured that ten experimental pods will be placed in British airports very soon – a trial run.

Currently sleeping pods are available in certain airports (Dubai, Moscow, Helsinki etc.) and in a recent survey asking passengers about additional airport amenities 36% suggested sleeping pods as an extra facility they would use.

When asked if they would be willing to pay for the service, 90% said that they would.

The Airpods are described as the next generation sleeping pods are are equipped with wifi, Netflix, charging facilities and airport information. The pod contains a comfortable armchair that easily converts to a bed but in addition to sleeping, the pods are also an excellent quiet place for users to get on with some work or for peaceful reading and relaxing.




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