Okay, so Google tells me that there are still people who play Pokemon Go but there are still millions of us who prefer Geocaching. And as Pokemon gradually fades, many new people are being attracted to the original ‘hide and seek’ games of this century.

If you’re expecting me to tell you why, then I can give you many reasons why people of just about any age are enjoying finding new places to explore but first, let’s have a look at this video.

There are millions of geocaches to be found all over the world and yet there’s no typical geocache person – it’s not nerdy, I promise. Many parents and grandparents geocache with children – the kids love this modern day version of a treasure hunt and often play at being pirates along the way.

Couples on honeymoon search for geocaches. World-weary travellers who have ‘seen it all’ discover new places and tours. People who want to keep fit use it was a great excuse to get out into the fresh air and cycle, walk or hike. Many have found that it’s a great way to discover places they’d never been to in their hometown…

There are solo geocachers, those who prefer to explore as part of a couple, searchers who form into groups and those who travel to geocache meetups to find new friends.


It all started as long ago as 2000. The website (geocashing.com) was registered that year. And it makes a huge point to its players (members? associates? fellow-searchers? I don’t know…) that geocaching etiquette is important. The site also strongly makes the point that part of its mission is to encourage us all to experience nature, fresh air and the beauties of the world.

In conjunction with parks, local authorities, tourism boards and historical organisations, the site organises self-guided tours of unusual places, often those of natural beauty.

You can download the app (completely free of course) and then you’re o your way. Here, for example, are all the geocaches that are local to where I live…

When you click on one, you’ll get further details.

Click again and you’ll get a ton of details about that geocache – plus clues to help you find it.

Or if you’re going on a trip, you can see if there’s a Geotour in the area you’re travelling to.

Here’s a screenshot of a page featuring a Geotour in Finland.




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