Firstly, apologies to girls who fish for the title of this article – ‘fisherpersons’ might be politically correct but it sounds daft. Now that’s out of the way, I can tell you about an online service that is specifically for those of you who would like to hunt or fish on private land.

Huntclub introduces those who are looking for and unusual fishing or hunting experience to landowners who are happy to accommodate their needs. In many cases, the land can also be used for off-road driving, shooting, dog training or even the more mundane camping and hiking.

Users can experience land that they had previously been unable to access. For landowners, this is an opportunity to make extra money from their land and have the pleasure of knowing that others can enjoy private spaces. In addition, if you are an instructor, fishing boat provider or equipment supplier, you can also list your services on the site.

The site works in almost exactly the same way as Airbnb – it introduces the supplier to the client. Payments are handled in the same way. It seems that Airbnb has provided the model for this and other services. Just as with Airbnb, the landowners and the clients have to create an account and provide details for their profile.

Unless this service has operated offline previously, this is a new service as the domain name was only registered in January 2017 so they are still in the early stages and at the moment, the lands they have available are all in Missouri. But who knows how this service might grow as it increases in popularity?

Silly footnote: As someone whose brain automatically and annoyingly translates words into Spoonerisms* I wish that the company had thought of another name for their brand.


* The Reverend William Spooner was an Oxford don in Victorian times. He had a ‘speech impediment’ whereby he transposed the first letters of words, quite unconsciously by all accounts. For example ‘ the bean is dizzy’ when he meant ‘the dean is busy’ or proposing a toast to ‘the queer old dean’ which should have been ‘dear old queen’. Well, the things you learn on a travel website …



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