You’ve probably not been able to travel to Mauritius this summer. In fact, many people have found that they’ve had to stay at home a lot more than usual this year. 

For some reason, this has meant that more people have had more time to enjoy home pursuits. (I truly don’t see why). And one of the most popular, I’m told, is home baking.

This is a shame in some ways as it’s encouraging people to eat sweet foods that will rot their teeth and put on extra weight, although there’s not much point in me worrying about that – I’m just being snooty.

One type of baking that has emerged though is the craze for island cakes. I only recently realised that they are a thing. I can’t find a copyright-free image to post here but look at this link to a Google Images search. Aren’t they fantastic?

Evidently, people set fish, shells, coral and other underwater foliage and secrets into their cakes. Some are very fanciful – others are more subtle. But they’re all rather gorgeous. And because they are 100% homemade, I expect that they are delicious too. They look for too complex for me to try in my tiny kitchen but if you like to bake and you haven’t had a luxury vacation this year, here’s a way to minutely replicate the experience.

See the video below.

The video below will give you full instructions and remember that you can be as fancy as you like with undersea fun.

If you prefer a written tutorial, see this site.




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