There are several reasons why we’re not travelling so much these days. At the time of writing, some countries have travel restrictions for Covid-related reasons. But there are other issues that stop us from travelling the world as freely as we’d want to.

But we can still ‘visit’ different countries, we can ‘meet’ people from different cultures, we can experience localities, learn to cook authentic ethnic foods, tour areas of interest – and much more of course – thanks to the devices we have in our home. This is thanks to Airbnb Online Experiences.

Here are some of the categories offered:

  • Captivating cultural explorations. This is travelling the world and meeting people without moving from your own home
  • Taste the cuisine of the world. Authentic cooking classes for small groups
  • Adventure through art. Learn about traditional, lost arts and crafts
  • Inclusive exploration. These are online experiences specifically designed to be accessible to everyone

I’ve always wanted to visit Kenya – hence the lead image above – but as time passes, as money slips away and pandemics arise, I doubt I shall ever do so. But I can learn more from Samson about the people, the culture, the way of life and more.

If I do make it there one day, then I have certainly got a head start by experiencing the country online.

Another that fascinates me is David’s ‘Edinburgh’s Ghosts, Mysteries and Monsters‘. And then there’s the intriguing Drag Taste – outrageous drag queens teach you how to make an authentic Portuguese sangria with added cabaret and fun. (Drag Taste’s Instagram)

There are so many more. When you register for an online experience, you’ll be taking part in a Zoom session. Your host, the person who is running the experience, will tell you in advance about what they offer and which (if any) materials you’ll need to take part in the experience. (Although you are free to simply watch if you prefer.)

Online experiences are a great way for

  • Families to get together to have a fun time either in the family home or their separate places
  • Colleagues who have been or are working from home
  • Team-building exercises (some experiences are quizzes or mysteries which are ideal

So take a look at the online experiences on the Airbnb site. I’ve only mentioned a few examples here but you’ll be able to see just how many experiences are available and just how varied they are.

Watch a few seconds of a Sangria Secrets session.




JJ is originally from the UK and has lived in South Florida since 1994. She is the founder and editor of JAQUO Magazine. You can connect with her using the social media icons below.

Note that Amazon also offers online experiences. (US customers only at the time of writing). You can browse them here or see a selection below.

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