Isbjerget means ‘iceberg’ and you can see why that name was chosen for this complex of variously sized apartments. Take a look at the photographs and the drone footage below and you can see exactly why.

This award-winning housing development opened in 2013 and was the work of a collaboration between four architectural firms. Built alongside the water in the city’s old port, the complex has over 200 apartments ranged between the buildings. The tallest building has ten floors and the apartments vary in size.

The building’s exterior is clad in terrazzo – one of the most popular decorative finishes today. The blue glass balconies add to the ‘iceberg at sea’ feeling.

The renderings that were created prior to the build show interiors with vast windows, vaulted ceilings in the larger apartments and typically Scandinavian furnishings with distinct mid-century modern overtones.

Some of the upper apartments have peaked ceilings and larger dwellings have two floors. The properties have been developed in such a way that some apartments are owner-occupied, others are rented. This provides a diversity which was one of the factors important to the architects.

Where is Isbjerget?


8000 Aarhus,




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