When I was a lot younger, I was a lot more willing to rough it. As I got older, I found that I preferred to have running water, cool AC and proper toilets.

But sometimes, you need to do without the ‘American’ luxuries to truly enjoy the experience of your trip.

Jumbo Junction is an example. When you stay there, you’re there to experience Africa. You’re there to experience the local wildlife. You’re there to experience the real thing. You’re not there to be pampered.

Although sitting on the terrace of your own tent, enjoying a cocktail as the sun goes down is hardly roughing it, right?

Accommodations aren’t luxurious, but they are not primitive either. They are comfortable and just what you need to get you in the mood to experience Africa. But don’t get the idea that this is primitive camping – glamping is closer to the mark.

There are two chalets, both of which have en suite facilities. These are the most expensive option. The ten fabulous tents are spacious and each also has its own loo and basin, with outdoor showers. The other option is to stay in one of the Island Bush Camps – you can even enjoy a trip in a hot air balloon from the bush camps. Find out more on the website.

The reviews are fantastic – read them here.

And don’t miss the video below.


Jumbo Junction Camp

NG12 Concession,
Gunotsoga Village,
Okavango Delta,
Gunotsoga Village,




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