They say that writer Guy de Maupassant used to eat lunch every day at the restaurant atop the Eiffel Tower – because it was the only place in Paris that didn’t have a view of the thing. This ‘fact’ is doubted by my family as we once drove around Paris for ages but still couldn’t find it.

An easier way, if you live in the USA at any rate, would be to visit New Orleans where part of the famous structure has stood since the 1980s.

The story goes that the restaurant on top of the tower was too weighty – so it was removed and replaced with a lighter version. The original was then bought by a chef who had it (expensively) shipped to New Orleans where is was reconstructed and opened up as a high-class French restaurant.

However, this business venture failed and after just three years over the years, several entrepreneurs tried to make a go of the place as either a nightclub or a restaurant. But since 2010 it has been open as an event venue. Yes, you can get married at the top of the Eiffel Tower – in New Orleans.

They even encourage the Parisien custom of love locks. See the video below.


Eiffel Society

2040 St Charles Ave,
New Orleans,
LA 70130,




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