Mont Saint Michel is an almost magical place and if you’re in France it’s a must. It’s also an easy trip from Paris and can be budget friendly too.

It’s a truly astonishing place. It’s capped by a monastery, which almost seems to defy gravity, and within the village walls are twisting little streets and alleyways that house various small shops and places to eat.

mont saint michel2
Outside the city walls there are small cottages housing fishing families and workers. At most times, there are under fifty people who live in Mont Saint Michel.

It perches on an island. At some times, when the tide is very low, it’s possible to walk to the ramparts even though it is several hundred yards from land.

To get to Mont Saint Michel from Paris, take the train to Rennes. The best option for this is the high-speed, low-budget train operated by Ouigo. This service is without frills but it will get you to Rennes in the quickest possible time and at the cheapest rate.

Statistically, the average time visitors spend on the island is only two and a half hours which to me is certainly not long enough. I prefer to stay in Rennes overnight and a wallet-friendly way to do this is to use an accommodation advertised on Airbnb. There are plenty of budget places to stay there – many for less than $35 per night.

The following morning, there’s a scheduled coach at the railway station that will take you directly to Mont Saint Michel which is only fifty miles away. If you’re planning to stay in the area overnight, again there are plenty of budget-friendly places from Airbnb.

Enjoy and bon voyage!




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