If you’re a short term rental hosts I’m sure that you’ve realised by now that there are many reasons why you might get a completely undeserved bad review from time to time, Even if ‘bad’ is pushing it a bit, a review that doesn’t accurately reflect all the trouble you go to to provide your guests with a great experience.

If you use a service such as Airbnb, sometimes you’ll be lucky and a guest will give you a five-star review but mention some weirdness to you in their private feedback. For instance, here are a few I’ve had lately:

  • You should provide a coffee machine. (There is one, there has always been one. There’s also plenty of free coffee, sugar and creamer…)
  • We went to the beach and the water in the ocean wasn’t very blue
  • I don’t see why I should have to use a password to get on the internet
  • There were roadworks on the way to the beach

I could write many more. Then, of course, there are the ones that are downright nuts. (Even nuttier than the ones above)

And we never know what is going to trigger it off, do we? Jane and Sam leave the rental, all smiles, telling you how much they loved the place, then let you know that the sun was too hot or something else daft beyond your control.

But today, when I was reading a very funny autobiography, I read another great example. The book, by the totally brilliant English comic Sarah Millican.

Anyway, this story comes from before Airbnb or similar sites. It was, and I had to look this up, 1997. You’ll see how I know this in a minute.

However, the place had a visitors’ book which Sarah and her husband read thoroughly. There were hints and tips from previous guests about the things to do in the area, the best dishes to eat at the local pubs and so on.

Sarah saw a review that was so much her favourite that she’s put it in her book.
The couple leaving their message in the guest book raved about the accommodation. They said that they would definitely stay there again. They loved the walks nearby (this was in England’s Lake District) and enjoyed the meals at the nearby pub especially the ‘excellent steak at the Dog and Duck on Thursdays’.

So, as we’ve seen above, guests can hold hosts responsible for the most bizarre things that are beyond their control. As the perfect example, Sarah Millican goes on to say that the previous couple’s message in the guest book ended thus:

‘Our holiday was only marred by the sad death of Princess Diana, the people’s princess. So three stars’


By the way, that’s the book above. If you click on it, you’ll be taken to Amazon. (The audiobook is free at the time of writing).




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