It looks as though a cruise ship has somehow managed to perch itself on the top of a cliff, doesn’t it? Well, it’s actually a building that was created to emulate a cruise ship, located in Jeongdongjin on the east coast of South Korea. It first opened its doors – or pulled up its gangplanks – in 2002.

Yes, it’s a hotel with guest rooms, business facilities, six restaurants, a pool, sports facilities and exactly what you’d expect from a hotel these days. But I think they went rather overboard (sorry) when the owners decided that there should be a constantly-playing soundtrack so that guests can listen to the sound of authentic waves crashing against the ‘hull’ and squealing seabirds while they enjoy their ‘cruise’.

The views though are incredible. especially the sunrises. However some reviewers from a few years ago mentioned that twenty minutes before the sun rises, alarms go off in all the rooms to remind guests to haul themselves out of bed to ensure that they don’t miss the spectacular dawning of the day.

I think that it’s truly a fascinating sight to see but whether I’d enjoy a stay there is another matter – maybe a night or two just for the novelty value. I guess that it would be an excellent solution for someone who would love to experience a cruise but who suffers from seasickness!

Understandably, reviews are somewhat mixed. Read them here.

Sun Cruise Resort

950-39, Heonhwa-ro,
South Korea



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