One of the strange curiosities of road trips is the way that your car battery is perfect when you’re at home but suddenly, when you’re on a road trip and right when you really don’t need problems, the battery dies on your car. Why this happens I’ve no idea but the Suaoki is definitely a must-have travel accessory when your undertaking long drives.

Maybe we’re just a little more careless when we’re on vacation and leave the lights on or the air-conditioner or heater running? And when you’re travelling, it’s not like being at home where you can use jump leads (jumper cables in the USA) and your friendly neighbour’s vehicle to start your car.

The Suaoki is a small appliace that can live in the glovebox of your vehicle – discreetly out of the way until that dreaded moment when the engine won’t turn over. An in my experience this is often on a lonely road or at night.

But the Suaoki does more that just get you back on the road again. You can also use it to charge your phone or tablet. So if your car problem is more than the battery and you have to call for assistance, you can be sure that your phone will always be charged.

Additionally the Suaoki also has a light – three settings; powerful flashlight, strobe and SOS – so that you can seek attention or simply see what you’re doing if you’re stranded in the dark.

I keep mine in the car at all times and at under $50 – depending on which model you buy – it give fantasticv peace of mind, especially on road trips.

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