Definitely falling into the category of dark tourism, Peenemünde is decidedly spooky. It is located on the island of Usedom in the Baltic and since the nineteenth century was a vacation venue for Prussian royalty and German nobility.

But, in common with several other places, it was transformed by the Nazis into a place of terror.

It was in the small village of Peenemünde that thousands of prisoners from concentration camps throughout Germany were forced to work on developmental rockets that were designed to wreak havoc and cause death. Hitler believed that these rockets would be the cause of the German victory in World War Two.

Today, the facility that tested and produced these weapons has become a technical museum –  a prosaic description for a facility that had at one time just one purpose; the destruction of the Allies’ cities and the death of their people. Visitors can see original documents and watch contemporary films showing the rockets’ development.





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