I might as well tell you, right now, that I wouldn’t. Not for all the tea in China. I admit to being the person who hides behind a cushion when death-defying stunts are shown on the TV. And despite all the safety precautions in the world, this is one travel experience that’s simply not for me.

I’m talking about the totally scary things you can do when you visit the building known as the UFO in Bratislava.

I like to think that I’m a fairly brave person. I even like to think that I’ve got an intrepid streak hidden away somewhere. But this? Oh no.

Oh, I’d love to eat in the restaurant, that would be fine. See the tower in the photograph above? See that UFO-shaped structure at the top? That’s the restaurant and it has stunning views over the Danube.

You see, the UFO tower is located at one end of the Bridge of the Slovak National Uprising. That’s its name, truly.

Seemingly floating atop a pylon of almost three hundred feet the UFO actually houses a restaurant and an observation tower.

This photograph gives you a better idea.

I’ve seen plenty of structures that look to be impossible. And this one is the same. The uprights that are holding the UFO up and stopping it crashing to the ground seem to be leaning back at an impossible angle. But okay, architects know what they’re doing and having lunch in the restaurant gives the most fantastic view.

But this? As seen in the video below? Absolutely, categorically no.



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