Yes, I know that I tend to extol the virtues of other tourist places in England in addition to London, but there are some features of the city that are quirky enough to be included on this website. One of them is to be found in the famous Trafalgar Square.

It’s hardly noticed these days but if you’re going to Trafalgar Square, watch out for this at the south-east corner.


Then, you can tell your friends back home that you’ve seen England’s tiniest police station.

Today, it’s used mainly for storage (cleaning supplies and the like) but when it was created in the nineteen-thirties and housed a solitary policeman who could keep an eye on what was going on in the square as it’s a well-known venue for public protests and even riots.

The cute cop shop had a phone with a direct line to Scotland Yard so that the lone policeman could quickly call for back-up if trouble broke out.


Trafalgar Square, London

Trafalgar Square,
London WC2N 5DN,



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