I’m on something of a mission to help foreign visitors to England to realise that there are some great places to visit other than London. One of them is Southampton in Hampshire. It’s only eighty miles from the centre of London and takes less than two hours to get there by car or by train.

It’s an historic city with medieval walls, fine buildings and leafy parks. It also has every modern amenity you can imagine, including theatres, music venues and sports arenas and it is also a busy seaport. It’s the home of many cruise lines and is regularly graced by the presence of Cunard ships such as the majestic QM2.

You may also know about another famous shipping connection – it was from Southampton that the Titanic sailed on its fatal maiden voyage. Southampton’s SeaCity Museum has a permanent exhibition dedicated to the fate of the ‘unsinkable’ Cunard liner.

As you can imagine, watersports are available in the area but there’s so much more you can enjoy. Click on the images below and you’ll find some examples – exciting water activities,  a beer masterclass at a well-known micro-brewery and a game of golf – or professional lessons if you prefer.

The tall ship day is probably my favourite of them all. This is an all-day even – the experience last for 8½ hours, starting with a briefing and good English bacon butties. All refreshments are provided, including homemade cake.

You’ll experience what life was like on the sailing ships of old. Relax on the deck or join in with operating the boat – it’s up to you 🙂


You can see even more examples below – just scroll down to see them.

Where to stay in Southampton

paulIf you’re looking for great value and an experience that is much better than a faceless hotel, then Paul’s place is ideal – and very easy on your pocket. It offers great value for money.

You’ll be staying with Paul in your own private room in his conveniently-located home. You’ll have full access to the kitchen plus – and many of his guests love this – the garden.

The chances are that Paul will be available during your stay, if you have any questions about the local area. Plus, of course, the local pubs. 😉 This is a great way to experience the area as a local and it’s an easy-on-the-budget way to explore the city.


Double Bedroom

Southampton, Hampshire, United Kingdom
Double bed, clothes rack, hangers, chest of drawers, table lamp, table mirror and clean bedding.

Here are some more activities that you can enjoy in Southampton




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