Wandering about on the internet today, I found this on Wikipedia:

Of course, anyone can edit any page they like. But this page had not been edited for three weeks. So in those three weeks, anyone checking out that page on Airbnb has been warned about Royal, the host. And this is on one of the world’s most popular websites.

It’s a rare person today who doesn’t check Wikipedia to read details about places they are thinking of visiting. So what better way to warn people about dodgy hosts?

And whoever has added the information has made sure that it stands out strongly on the page.

Life has been getting increasingly sticky for the more dodgy element of society. 99.99% of Airbnb hosts are genuine people providing great value-for-money accommodations. The saying is true that ‘one bad apple spoils the whole bunch’ and Airbnb and similar services tend to get bad press.

This is understandable because most news is bad news –  but there are many media outlets online who stick the word ‘airbnb’ into their headlines even if the article refers to short-term rentals and not necessarily those arranged via Airbnb. After all, it’s the horrors of the world we read about and not the successes or the peaceful life.

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For many years now the general public, you and me, have been able to write online reviews about the businesses and services we use. We can review hotels, restaurants and attractions on TripAdvisor – another incredibly popular website for travellers. Now Wikipedia users have joined in too – warning against Airbnb hosts. Interesting.





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