Considering that it’s a completely abandoned ghost town, Craco has seen a good amount of activity in recent years thanks to film & TV companies, occasional religious festivals and of course, visiting travellers. As you can see from the map below, it’s located in the instep of Italy.

It’s a popular venue for them as the town features guided tours on which you learn about the history and the decline of this fortified hillside locale.

The town, believe it or not, dates from the eighth century. That make it a very old settlement indeed. And well placed, perching as it does on a hill overlooking the expansive local landscape. The views are breathtaking.

So why was this beautiful place abandoned? Can’t you just imagine the townsfolk there living a contented life? Well, the did but it was Mother Nature who decided that they were maybe a little too complacent.

Poor agricultural conditions started the downfall. Most of the inhabitants survived by working on the land in some way and if weather conditions weren’t right, their livelihoods tanked. The younger people of the town started to move away to find work in the larger towns and the cities.

Although the repopulation of the town was expected, a series of landslides hit the town. A flood followed in 1972. By 1980, when an earthquake hit the area, enough was enough. This put paid to the idea that Craco could be truly habitable again.

Because of the dangers of exploring an abandoned tpown, falling masonry and so on, travellers aren’t permitted to wander at their leisure but the guided tour is even better as the guides tell you about the amazing history of the place. You can read reviews here.

Watch the video below to see just how stunning this place is.



Province of Matera,




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