I know, it’s a real cliché to say ‘step back in time’ but nevertheless when you visit Den Gamle By in Denmark that’s what you’re doing. Den Gamle By is the old town of Aarhus and has been preserved as an outdoor museum.

The photographs and video below will give you some idea of what the old town is like – the traditional buildings, the cobbled streets and the horse-drawn transport.

Although you’re travelling back to another age, Den Gamle By is fully equipped for the visitor with restaurants, shops historical gardens, workshops and so on and the people of the town dress and act as though they were from times gone by.

The workshops – such as the blacksmithy – show traditional skills that no longer exist today outside museums and preservation areas.

There are museums devoted to various aspects of life – the toy museum is a huge favourite as is the clock museum. So many facets of traditional Danish life are represented here.

If you’d like a preview before you go, there’s a VIRTUAL TOUR HERE.

Where is Den Gamle By?

Den Gamle By

Viborgvej 2,
8000 Aarhus C,




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