One of the many joys of travelling – for me – is the chance to discover and enjoy a wide variety of cuisines. Some of my favourite memories are food-related and with most of them, I can remember exactly what I ate – when, where and in what company.

But I can’t visit everywhere to sample the world’s cuisine which is why I’m delighted to discover that I can enjoy the next best thing by travelling with Emeril Lagasse thanks to a new Amazon exclusive show. Emeril has been travelling the world in the company of well-known chefs to bring us this new adventure.

What’s more, the first season of the show is free for Amazon Prime members. If you don’t use this great service already – there are so many benefits – then you can click here for Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial.

I could tell you more but I’m going to save my typing fingers and let Emeril himself explain to you more about this series.

Find out more here.



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