It it lace that I’m reminded of? Or a canopy of leafless trees, maybe? It was inaugurated in 1998 and sometimes it reminds me of those highly ornate railway stations of Victorian times with their soaring glass canopies or a grand but spooky gothic cathedral.

At other times it looks completely modern to me and even reminds me of some strange walking pylon-like monster from some ill-remembered short story.

Whichever way, it’s stunning.

The photographt opportunities here are rampant. Take a look at this one.

It’s said that the station handles more passengers than Grand Central Station in New York so be prepared for the place to be busy.

It’s located right next to the Vasco de Gama Shopping Centre – a place that people flock to in droves so this might go some way towards explaining why the station is so busy. But the area is airy and open so you are unlikely to find overwhelming crowds.

The station was created as the main passenger terminus for Expo ‘98 show. It was intended to also double up as an exhibition area, hence its spaciousness.

See more about the station, the shopping centre and the area in the video below.

Where is the Gare do Oriente?

Gare do Oriente

Estação do Oriente,
Av. Dom João II,
1900-233 Lisboa,




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