If I was the proud owner of this suitcase, I’d certainly think it was brilliant. If I saw someone with one, would I think it’s daft or would I be envious enough to want one?

The latter, I think.

I think that the Rollogo looks a bit silly but that could just be my personal prejudice – I’ve never liked suitcases with wheels, especially small ones. I mean, are we getting so reliant on labour saving everything to the extent that our limbs will wither away? But that’s just me.

I like luggage to be stylish and sorry, Rollogo, you are not. But my goodness, what an incredibly useful piece of luggage you are. I’m surprised that no one had developed this before and yes, okay I admit it, I want one.

You see, the rolling facility of this suitcase is an essential part of its usefulness. As the suitcase rolls along, and as its wheels turn, they are producing and storing energy. With this energy, you can power up your laptop, iPad or phone.

Now that’s a great thing, right?

Rollogo’s website says that ten minutes rolling equals 1,2 hours of talk time.

What else? The Rollogo features:

  • An upper compartment where you can keep the items you’re going to need quickly so that you don’t have to open the suitcase to find your passport
  • A flat top that creates a work surface
  • A motion sensor so that if you’re having a nap in the airport lounge, your luggage is safe. The sensor will let you know if anyone moves your suitcase
  • TSA compliant locks for safety and security
  • A pretty clever app to ‘run’ your suitcase, plus exchange rate info, your packing list, a last-location log and other good stuff
  • It’s tough, waterproof and will hold enough clothes, they say, for a five-day trip
  • Modular interior storage means that, for instance, taking out your laptop to go through the conveyor belt security check is easy

At the time of writing, the Rollogo isn’t yet available. It’s estimated to be available in the summer of 2020.

This would give me the chance to save up because although the price isn’t yet set in stone, the chances are that this suitcase will cost over $300. Worth it? Take a look at the video to see.

Images © Rollogo

Rollogo website




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