No-one today really seems to know why the buildings of Guatape are painted in such wonderful colours. Or why they tend to feature brightly coloured murals at the bottom couple of feet of the walls. However, the result is spectacular.

The lower level murals, which are often tiled, are called zocalos and often they feature objects that are relevant to the building. A bakery, for example, might depict loaves of bread of sacks of flour. For private homes, the zocalos  might depict something that’s of interest to the householder. Some people just choose something abstract and pretty – because they like it.

The town is full of photo ops. The houses themselves are gorgeous but add cobbled streets, winding hills and al fresco sidewalk cafés and the opportunities are endless. The surrounding area also features spectacular scenery. The area is becoming popular with tourists these days so you’ll find that there is accommodation in the area.

Also there are plenty of places to eat and even museums you can visit and watersports you can enjoy.

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