It was a matter that was debated at the time, but in recent years it’s pretty well known that the musical phenomenon that was The Beatles would not have had the quality of music that was created without the person who was referred to as ‘the Fifth Beatle.’

This appellation is given to George Martin who Wikipedia describes as ‘an English record producer, arranger, composer, conductor, audio engineer, and musician.’ He worked with The Beatles on their singles and albums starting in the early sixties. When the group split up. he continued to work with its members as individual performers.

George Martin worked with the greats.

It was common in those days for musical producers to be salaried and tied to particular companies, as indeed was Martin in the earlier part of his career. But in the 1960s he formed his own independent company; AIR (Associated Independent Recording).

His company created recording studios on the beautiful island of Montserrat and this then-luxurious building saw many well-known albums being created by the top stars of the day.

However, in 1989 the island was devasted by a huge hurricane which caused immense damage to the property. It simply wasn’t worth renovating the place and it was abandoned.

It still exists in its ruined state.

Travellers cannot visit the location today. Like many ruined buildings it isn’t safe and is therefore heavily fenced to discourage visitors.

However, it can be viewed from nearby. A great place to visit and to see Beatles and AIT Studio memorabilia is the Hilltop Coffee House & Family Center. Find out more here.






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