How long can you go away for with just a carry on bag? A weekend, a week, a month even? Just wait until you see the video below. I am pretty confident that I could travel for weeks if I could fit over a hundred items into one single bag – couldn’t you?

The worst part of air travel, to me, is carting a large suitcase around. Sure, I give a sigh of relief when the luggage is checked in but when the plane lands, I gaze with envy at those travellers who are clever enough to just use a carry on bag and they head off to the exit without having to encounter that totally irritating luggage carousel.

But take a look at this video.

Isn’t that amazing? These are the secrets:

  • Rolling clothes instead of folding them is a space-saver
  • Putting the rolled garments into ziplock bags give two advantages – firstly, the bags help to compress the clothing and secondly, it helps you organise when you pack the same types of items together
  • Putting small items like underwear or socks into your shoes saves space and prevents your shoes from being squashed out of shape
  • Rubber bands keep shoes in pairs
  • Items are then put into packing cubes for further organisation
  • The cubes are then added to the amazing Biaggi Zipsak.

Here’s the bag:

Where this gets even more exciting is when you consider that anyone – even me in my tiny apartment – can store this bag so that it’s always handy for your travels. As you can see in the photograph above,  this suitcase folds down into such a small space that it can be easily stored on a shelf or in a drawer.

What’s more, it’s reasonably priced. You can see more details here. See the Amazon links below, too.

It comes in several different colours and there are various size options too.

See another video.



JJ is originally from the UK and has lived in South Florida since 1994. She is the founder and editor of JAQUO Magazine. You can connect with her using the social media icons below.
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