I’m bonkers about cats, I admit it. My lovely boy, Stan, is possibly the best cat ever in my particular world. So I’m not in the least surprised that in Amsterdam there’s a museum devoted entirely to fantastic felines. How did this come about?

Well, I used to scoff at what America calls ‘pet-parents’ and their obsessions with their animals yet here I am, totally besotted by my cat. A chap called Bob Meijer was just the same and when his cat journeyed on to pastures new, he established a museum in his late pet’s memory.

But this isn’t some kitschy collection of cat memorabilia – far from it. To being with, the museum is located on the first floors of a historic building that was erected in 1667 – that in itself makes the place worthy of a visit.

But in addition to the cat art collection, you’ll find in the museum, watch out for works by Pablo Picasso, Rembrandt, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Corneille, Sal Meijer, Théophile Steinlen, and Jože Ciuha, among others.

Naturally, you’ll also meet plenty of live cats too. There are five who wander around the museum, greeting guests. They are the present pets of owner Meijer who still lives in the building on the upper floor.



Herengracht 497,
1017 BT Amsterdam,


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