Prince Rainier of Monaco, who lived until 2004, was a well-known monarch. He is probably best known, in the United States in particular, for marrying American actress, Grace Kelly, in 1956. What is less known is that he was an avid collector of the finest automobiles and his car collection – once private – is now open to the public.

It features over  one hundred cars that Rainier collected over a period of thirty years. There are splendid vintage vehicles plus facing and rally cars.

Monte Carlo is on every motorsport fan’s to-do list because of the Annual Grand Prix and the Monte Carlo Rally and this collection is yet another attraction for the petrolhead.

The museum shows the history and development of the motor car and the vehicles have been lovingly restored to their original condition.

Prince Rainier was a huge car and motorsport enthusiast and used two advantages to his – and now our – benefit. As a monarch of the small principality, he had the wealth to indulge himself in his collection and, as Monaco hosts two fabulous and prestigious motorsport events every year, he had easier access to these vehicles than almost anyone in the world.

You can see more in the video below or click here to see further details and reviews.


Prince Rainier's Car Collection

5, terrasses de Fontvieille,
98000 Monaco



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