Yes, the story goes that a sea monster by the name of Ogopogo is alive and well and lurking in the Okanagan Lake of British Columbia, Canada. It seems that the Canadians are no more level-headed than the Scots who, of course, have their own Loch Ness version.

What is it about lakes that foster these legends? What is it about the human race that we so desperately want to believe in these things?

We are easily persuaded by a shaky hand-held home movie or iPhone video showing ripples on the surface of the water. Well, we think, there goes another sea serpent. It never seems to occur to us that we might be seeing a shoal of fish going by, a strange current or a couple of stray logs floating by.

But monster or no monster, the lake is a popular place for travellers to visit.

There are plenty of parks and beaches on the shore of the lake and the area offers some tremendous walks and hikes.


Oh, okay then….

How To Find Okanagan Lake

Okanagan Lake

Okanagan Lake,
British Columbia,




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