Travelling by train overnight is – to me – one of the most luxurious and romantic ways to get from point A to point B. Someone else has to worry about the driving, the navigating … you’re in a proper bed and not trying to sleep in a cramped seat as you would on a long haul flight.

You can eat dinner and then breakfast in the morning sitting at a proper table watching the scenery whiz by.

The video below shows you what it’s like to travel from one great and romantic location to another – from Paris to Venice. Start your journey at the Gare de Lyon and arrive relaxed and refreshed at the Venezia Santa Lucia railway station as you enjoy your croissants and café breakfast.

There are various cabin options – and you can even have your own shower and toilet in your own special compartment if you so wish. There are no crazy luggage restrictions and you can even take your pets with you. It’s definitely the relaxed and civilised way to travel.

You embar at the Gare de Lyon in the evening and the restaurant car is available for you to enjoy a leisurely meal. (The bar, incidentally, stays open for the duration of the journey, as does the snack bar).

The website will tell you everything you need to know – it even compares, favourably, your carbon footprint when travelling by train as opposed to taking an uncomfortable flight.

Gare de Lyon

Paris Gare de Lyon,
Place Louis-Armand,
75571 Paris,

Venezia Santa Lucia railway station

Stazione di Venezia Santa Lucia,
30100 Venezia VE,




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