If you’re visiting Paris then it’s an excellent idea to check out the services offered to you by the Paris Pass. You’ll discover ways to save money on visits to attractions, bargain transport within the city, make tours much kinder on your wallet plus additional bargains and special deals.

You’ll even get fast-tracked admission to those attractions and venues that are must-see when you visit this fabulous city.

With the Paris Pass, you can take the time to have a relaxed cup of coffee in a sidewalk café while other visitors to the city are waiting in line, getting lost or paying too much to see the sites. You’ll enjoy a much more restful and leisurely vacation!


You’ll also receive a fully comprehensive guidebook to flip through as you sip your wine and nibble the fine selection of local cheeses.

You can order your Paris Pass online. It can be sent to you my mail before you leave home or you can collect it once you arrive in Paris.

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