Royal scandals tend to be a thing of the past these days but in the UK in the 1930s there was plenty of royal scandal to keep everyone entertained. The British papers tried hard to rise above these matters but the foreign press had a field day with the new king, Edward VIII and his American, twice-divorced mistress, Wallis Simpson.

Their relationship began before Edward became king – he ascended to the throne on the death of his father in January 1936 – and that first (and only) summer of his reign saw the pair take a Mediterranean and Adriatic yachting trip.

In August they arrived at the little known Croatian island of Rab.

It was a boozy holiday – it’s said that the new king had the books removed from the yacht’s library to make room for the supply of bottles of alcohol. Raunchy too – the local authorities gave the couple their permission to swim starkers in the nearby Kandarola Bay.

Since that time, the bay has shown a laisse faire attitude towards people of a naturist persuasion.

In the square in the town of Rab – the name is shared between the town and the island – a plaque was erected to commemorate the raunchy royal rumpy pumpy visit.

In the following year, as the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, the couple visited Nazi Germany.






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