The Old Town of Safranbolu is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site and offers a spectacular sightseeing opportunity for the traveller.  It’s easy to get to the town via train or road especially if you’re travelling from Istanbul or Ankara (Ankara being the nearer of the two).

Once you get to the old town, then it’s easy to get around on foot.

Many of the old dwellings have survived and are located in the cobbled streets that are entwined throughout the area. The twisting alleyways feature artisans who are working in traditional ways and it’s easy to imagine what life was like here hundreds of years ago.

Although the area has modern amenities and is capable of catering to travellers very well, the old town has not been ‘disneyfied’ and therefore offers an authentic experience.

TripAdvisor has reviews and more.

Learn more about the town and its history in the video below.

Where is Safranbolu?

Safranbolu, Turkey

78600 Safranbolu/Karabük,




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