Even a humble filling station can be a thing of wonder when it’s created by a world renown designer. The Skovshoved Petrol Station, on the outskirts of Copenhagen, was designed in the nineteen thirties by Arne Jacobsen.

His client was the Texaco Company. The company had been formed in 1901 but by the time this design was created, they were selling petrol in several different countries in addition to the USA and Canada,.

And it’s still a functioning, viable business. I do imagine though that design aficionados deliberately travel to fill up their vehicles there.

The clean exterior remains as stunningly austere today as it was when it was first built – the only exterior decoration being the subway tiles and the elegant clock. The canopy is nicknamed ‘the mushroom’.

Although Jacobsen was only in his early thirties at the time he designed the building, he was already known as a successful architect and designer, although today he is remembered more for his product designs (particularly furniture) than for his buildings.

Where is Skovshoved?


2920 Skovshoved,




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