The mystique, the unusualness, the authenticity, the fabulous reviews!!! Far from crowds and traffic, yet near to Los Angeles, is a vacation rental located in historic Chatsworth, California. Open sky, 360-degree dramatic valley and city views and sandstone cliffs will surround you. The inimitable Hideaway has 2 vintage trailers, a large furnished patio with umbrellas and a shady gazebo which offer luxurious and private lounging options.

“It’s just an old trailer”…. with an eye-popping view. Like a vintage Airstream, this 1954 collectible trailer is offered on Airbnb and similar sites to discerning guests with all-inclusive amenities. After arrival at the Retro Hideaway, the memory of driving up the steep hill is still fresh in your mind. When your host opens your guesthouse for the next few days you may not really be paying attention. But the specialness of it will sink in soon and so the curiosity will rise, because it’s unlikely you have ever been inside a trailer like Gypsy.

“Gypsy”, our riveted aluminum Spartan Manor was built at Spartan Aircraft Company, a retooled aircraft factory in Tulsa Oklahoma in 1954. J. Paul Getty owned the factory and spared no expense to offer the best trailers money could buy. At that time, when the need for post-war housing skyrocketed and a fine trailer like this cost nearly ½ as much as a house!

Vintage Spartans are distinctive due to their mid-century design, monocoque aircraft construction and real wood paneling and cabinetry. Both trailers at the Hideaway are partially restored to their original beauty and function. At 24′, 3″ long, Gypsy is one of the smallest trailers built by Spartan and feels like a Tiny House. It has a sleeping cabin, kitchen, lounge, bath with shower, A/C, heat, library and dining area.

The accommodations are styled with custom built furnishings made from recycled, reclaimed and repurposed materials. Designer sourced items are throughout, all for guests use, including vintage dinnerware and silver plate. Guests sleep in a comfortable bed dressed with super soft 100% cotton linens. They might also opt to sleep outside on the canopy bed, closing all the curtains or not!

The breezes are soft and clouds scud across the sky, making sunsets spectacular.

What is remote?

Is remote a feeling you get or an actual place on a map? Somehow the road up from the Chatsworth Lake Market is just long enough and steep enough to create a separation from the rest of the world. Adventurous guests suspect they have discovered a secret hiding in plain sight, a retreat that feels like a million miles from home.

Others appreciate its closeness to beaches and sights, but especially for its proximity to sun, air, clouds, cliffs and stars. Relaxation, delight, living in the present, a positive feeling and a trust that memories are being made become real.  As you rest and read or dine al fresco, not a care or a worry will make it through the veil of remoteness, which fell over you when you came up the hill.

Visitors are likely to see and hear wild animals. The Hideaway is situated near a major wildlife corridor for animals passing from the mountains north of the 118 Ronald Reagan Freeway through the Santa Susana Mountains, Simi Hills and into the Santa Monica Mountains.

 Save this post if you plan to visit the Los Angeles, California area. July 15 to September 15 are more budget friendly due to likely high temps. Consider a visit to Tiny Tiki Retro Hideaway to unwind, hike amongst the sandstone boulders and enjoy life to the fullest!!

Where is Chatsworth?

Chatsworth, Los Angeles

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