When you read about the history of this astonishing building – erected in 1975 – it’s likely that you’ll be told that the architect was Spaniard Ricardo Bofill. Well, yes, but in fact Bofill never completed his architectural training. The building was created in conjunction with English architect Peter Hodgkinson amongst others.

They included an economist, a literary critic and a well-known poet.`Therefore the building wasn’t designed using only architectural disciplines but others too. Indeed, the very name of this apartment building comes from a utopian novel written in the nineteen forties, Walden 2.

The apartments in this amazing building are designed to be flexible; the philosophy of the book and the building – loosely speaking – being that life should not be guided by preconceived ideas and that the various stages of life are temporary and homes should reflect this.



The exterior of the building was originally largely tiled. Over the years however, the tiles began to fall off endangering passersby so many of the tiles were removed. The building has two swimming pools on the roof.

The sculptural aspects of the building are enhanced by the fabulous colour scheme. The exterior terracotta colour blends in with nature and yet once you enter the building, vivid aqua, bright blue and sunshine yellow enliven the public areas and add to the sculptural effect.


Walden 7

Ctra. Reial, 106,
08960 Sant Just Desvern,




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