I’m seriously in love with travelling on sleeping-car trains. And the Sunrise Izumo can take you almost 600 miles across Japan. It’s an excellent way to travel and the sleeping facilities are excellent.

We’ll talk about the cabins in a minute but let’s look first at the regular seats. Actually, seats aren’t the correct description. From the photograph above you’ll see that they are ‘travelling platforms’. Your ‘seat’ is private and a great place to sleep. (The journey takes about 12 hours).

There are half-screens between you and your neighbours so you are sleeping in your own private section. You have your own light and fan so you can control the amount of light and air you get in your own private space. You also have your own window which you can cover with a blind when you’re sleeping or for privacy. A curtain at your feet gives you privacy from other passengers who may be walking by.

If you have a Japan rail pass then these berths are free of charge – the cost is included in your pass price. This makes the sleeper a great option if you’re on a budget as you save the price of overnight accommodation too! There are, of course, toilet facilities and showers are available too.

The train is extremely stylish and superbly clean. However, bear in mind that no food is served aboard remember to take provisions with you. Japanese stations are well set-up to provide you with food for your journey. The trains do have vending machines for drinks though.

The cabins offer more privacy and more space. There are small luxuries too like pyjamas and slippers. There are different configurations for one or two people.  There are also double occupancy compartments that have side-by-side berths instead of the usual bunk-type beds and this type has its own washbasin.

The train also offers facilities for the disabled.


Tokyo Station,
1 Chome Marunouchi,

Izumoshi Station





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