Deep down, we all know which lifestyle choices are good for us. And many of us will admit that we know full well that we’re not living the healthiest life we can. We know that we should be eating better, getting more exercise – but the trouble is that life gets in the way.

On the other side of the coin, sometimes we might think that going away on a trip is self indulgent and an unnecessary expense but when you realise that your vacation can actually be good for your health, it’s easy to see your trip in a whole new light.

After all, the chances are that you spend the majority of the year working hard, probably not eating as well as you should be and more than likely not getting enough exercise. In your daily life, you’re probably also subjected to an amount of stress. Even just a short trip away can help.

Getting away will give to a chance to recharge your batteries. You can live life at a more gentle pace. You have the time to pause and reflect. You can meet now people who’ll kick start your thinking. You may even experience a completely new way of life and culture.


Who has time during a busy working day to eat properly? When you’re eating at your desk it’s a lot easier to grab a sandwich or worse, a fast food burger and milkshake. When you’re on vacation, you have more time to eat well. And especially if you’re in a warm climate, eating better foods almost comes naturally to your body.

Many of us live in countries or cities that have, shall we say, less than healthy foods readily available. But when you travel, you’ll find great pleasure in sampling the local (healthier) produce. Local markets can be an inspiration!


It can be so hard to fit exercise into our daily routines at home. When we’re on a trip we’re more likely to be moving those bodies that sit behind an office desk all day. Just walking around sightseeing is possibly more exercise than we get at home. And there are also opportunities for swimming and other sports in many place.

The important thing to remember is not to overdo it. If you site behind a desk all day most of the time don’t be tempted to go jogging or play tennis if you’re out of shape. Simply walking or swimming can be relaxing and good for your body at the same time.


Keeping our minds healthy is just as important as looking after our muscles. On vacation, we have the chance to let our cares slip away. Plus, new environments are stimulating to the mind and we see different sights, enjoy other cultures and experience a different way of life.

Meeting new people also stimulates us as does the mental agility required to deal with foreign currency for example, or try to understand another language.




JJ is originally from the UK and has lived in South Florida since 1994. She is the founder and editor of JAQUO Magazine. You can connect with her using the social media icons below.

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