When I was a kid, my dad’s business was the motor trade. His businesses sold cars, repaired cars, sold petrol, sold oil … this was a long long time ago and it seemed that this relatively new business – based on the motor car – would be around forever.

It still is, of course. The car, the automobile if you’re American, still plays a huge part in our world today.

But we are relying on petroleum products less these days. We’re concerned about emissions and the fact that the internal combustion engine is harming the planet. So many of the objects in the Fisogni Museum will be truly unknown to future generations – even those in the near future.

Gas pumps, gadgets, tin advertising signs … and this being Italy, some of the design work is stunning and iconic. For example, one of my favourites; Bibendum, the ‘face’ of Michelin.

You might not have the ability to travel to Italy in the near future but the two videos below give you an excellent overview of the museum.

The museum has a great website giving details about visiting. Note that in the top right corner of the home page are links to the site in English, French and German.

Now, here’s the second part of the video.

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Main image credit: CC BY-SA 4.0


Fisogni Museum

Via Giacomo Bianchi,
21049 Tradate VA,




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