Reluctant as I am to use an aged cliché, it’s nevertheless important when we’re travelling to have some time to ‘stop and smell the flowers’. Travelling can be very hectic, especially when most of us only have a limited number of time to spend on our vacation – the temptation is to cram as much excitement into every day as we possibly can.

But sitting by the water, a relaxing picnic, a stroll through the countryside … all these things can refresh our spirits and revitalise us for the days ahead. And if you’re visiting Sweden, specifically Gothen burg, then there’s no better place than Slottsskogen.

This park is completely free and has plenty of activities and many are just perfect for children. Kids and adults alike will enjoy the free zoo and the gardens that are modelled on Victorian English versions. There are also playgrounds and regular festivals but residents and visitors alike appreciate the tranquility and pleasure this park can bring.


The park’s zoo is home to a herd of free-roaming gotland ponies. These are a breed that is specific to Sweden and they are known to be sturdy, hard-working little animals. In the past, gotland ponies were exported to countries such as the United Kingdom to work pulling coal carts way underground in coal mines.

How to Find Slottsskogen


414 76 Göteborg,




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