I was still at school when I found out about the Mouseman. The school, which was quite posh, needed new furniture for the teachers’ use during assembly. I recall that the headmistress was very proud because he had purchased the furniture from the Mouseman.

Robert Thompson was the Mouseman and he was the craftsman who had created the furniture. He had a trademark that was added to every piece – there would be a tiny mouse carving onto a leg or other unobtrusive area of the chair, table or whatever he created.

Hence he became known as the Mouseman and, because he lived and worked in a picturesque North Yorkshire village, this was extended to the Mouseman of Kilburn.

Kilburn is a must-visit place when you’re in England not just because there’s the Mouseman’s Visitor Center (and café). See too the white horse – the video below gives you a good idea of its size.


Visitor Centre

Robert Thompsons Craftsmen Ltd,
Kilburn, Nr Thirsk,
York. YO61 4AH,
United Kingdom

White Horse

Low Town Bank Rd,
York YO62 5BP,



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