My dad was the most travelled person that I’ve ever met and he always maintained that Cape Town was the finest place he had ever visited. Bo Kaap is a fabulous area to explore. With Table Mountain forming its backdrop, the area has brightly coloured houses on winding cobbled streets.

It was originally known as the Malay Quarter and today is a vibrant, multicultural area which is a must to visit if you’re in Cape Town. Several urban tours pass through the area but visitors suggest that a walking tour of the area gives a much more authentic experience.

Legend has it that the buildings were painted in their bright colours when slavery was abolished – bring colour into ex-slaves lives but the theory explained in the video below by Faldela seems to have more of a ring of truth. She says that the colours were added to the buildings so that they could be easily identified.

The area has its own cuisine and Faldela holds cookery classes and demonstrations in her Bo Kaap home.


Bo Kaap



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