Until recent years, a full-on, lavish wedding was something to be desired. (And to have to pay for forever more). It was a status symbol. But recently couples have embraced the minimalistic approach that has taken over so many aspects of our lives. We no longer need to show off with expensive parties.

Large weddings can be incredibly stressful for all concerned, especially the bride and groom. It may well be that they are aiming for a day that they will remember forever but nowadays, most couples realise that this doesn’t mean emptying the coffers or going into debt.

More and more couples are seeing the benefits of choosing simple and relaxing ceremonies – ceremonies that mean something to them and not just events that will look great on the wedding video or social media images. I have known couples who want to have just a few friends to share their special time – others who want to just have the ceremony take place with just the two of them and the officiant.

There are many places to get married in Fort Lauderdale, including lavish and expensive venues. But the City of Fort Lauderdale allows weddings in several of its parks and the very best of those is Fort Lauderdale Beach. Why?

  • The beach is the ultimate romantic destination
  • You don’t need a permit (or to pay for one) to get married on the beach
  • You can ask a few friends to share your day or enjoy the ceremony as just the two of you
  • If you are inviting guests, everyone will be delighted to travel to our wonderful resort
  • The beach and the ocean is the ultimate backdrop as you exchange vows
  • No need to travel any further for your honeymoon – you’re right here already!

What better start do you need to your lives together than the ocean? We know from studies – from scientists to therapists to Feng Shui experts – that the water has a calming and relaxing effect. The ocean will actually help you to enjoy your day.

We recommend that the very best time to get married on Fort Lauderdale beach is at dawn, as the sun is rising. The scenery is spectacular, the beach is usually completely deserted and even during the summer months, it’s unlikely to rain at sunrise.

And what a backdrop to exchanging vows, giving and receiving of rings, starting your lives together! The sunrise is so symbolic too. To be joined in matrimony at the start of a beautiful day is a strong symbol of your new lives together.


Las Olas Beach

Your honeymoon apartment

A cozy and romantic waterfront apartment. Located midway between the beach and the shops/restaurants/galleries of Las Olas Boulevard.



JJ is originally from the UK and has lived in South Florida since 1994. She is the founder and editor of JAQUO Magazine. You can connect with her using the social media icons below.
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