What does Trollstigen mean? In Norwegian, it means ‘Trolls’ Road’ and this twisty and narrow road runs perilously on the side of a mountain. It’s appropriately named as in Scandinavian mythology trolls are rather evil little goblin-like creatures that inhabit mountain caves.

The road runs between Åndalsnes and Valldal – see the map below. It’s County Road 63.

Over the years, the government, realising that the road passed through amazing scenery which made it a popular route with sight-seers, have done what they can to make the route safer but because it travels through a mountainous region there are limits to what can be done.

The route between Åndalsnes and Valldal is around 100 kilometres (62 miles) and if you abide by the local speed limits, which you certainly should on this road0 the journey by car takes about an hour and a half. An hour and a half of stunning scenery.

Note that the road is closed between October and mid-may due to the winter making it too dangerous. SEE MORE HERE.






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